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Arabian Sandalwood Attar


Sandalwood, or chandan as it is known in India, is a very common product that is often mentioned in beauty products. Sandalwood benefits for skin are multiple which gives it a very special place in skin care. With sandalwood in their products, manufacturers aim at establishing the efficiency of their product along with playing the ‘natural ingredient’ card.

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Some of the very common personal use products containing sandalwood are soaps, creams, powders, face packs, and hand washes. It has a very distinct and pleasant smell that lingers in the air for quite a long time. This also makes it a perfect ingredient for incense sticks and room fresheners. When using sandalwood as a beauty care products we also have the option for going for homemade products. In fact, it is better to prepare mixes at home for skin care as doing so proves to be safe and sure. We are sure of every ingredient going into the mix. Also, we can customize as per our skin type and most skin care tips talk about taking the reins in one’s own hands. Sandalwood is found for use in the form of sandalwood powder & Paste. Sandalwood for the skin So what are the many sandalwood benefits for skin that we are looking at here? There are many benefits and there is something for each one.


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